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Courses and coaching 


Well-being singing sessions

  • If you want to reconnect with your body, your breath and your voice.

  • Get to know your voice better, tame it and take care of it.

  • Sing from the heart and enjoy feeling the resonance of your voice flow through your breath and body energy.

  • Develop the ability to let go.

  • Listen to and trust your feelings.

  • Develop your vocal and creative potential.

  • Learn how to place your voice when speaking, giving speeches or expressing yourself in public.




1/2 hour coaching: 20 euros

1 hour coaching: 40 euros

Personalised Lyrical Vocal/Actual Singing lessons


  • If you would like to be coached in the evolution of your skills, to develop and improve your voice for a particular objective, for a competition, an exam or to learn a repertoire that suits your voice and personality, all in a caring and non-judgemental way.

  • (I trained in opera singing, so I'm not an expert in the style of the actual voice repertoire, but I bring to it the technique of breath and vocal placement necessary for good projection and vocal health).

Tarifs :

Coaching d'1/2h : 20 euros

Coaching d'1heure : 40 euros

Italian pronunciation and French coaching

  • If you're an opera singer and would like to develop natural, accurate diction in line with the melody and gain a better understanding of how phonetics work.



Coaching 1/2 hour: 15 euros

1 hour coaching: 30 euros

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